Blog #4 | Checking in at the Point

On my first blog post, I decided my three goals for this internship are to network, work very hard and to learn as much as possible and I can say that this will continue to be my goals throughout the summer. I’ve done a good job of networking so far, I can see a possibility of coming back and working here for full time, and if not I’ve made lasting relationships in which people could help me out down the road. Of the three interns I feel I work the hardest which shows my boss that I enjoy being here. Lastly, I’ve learned quite a bit both about facility operations and about MetLife Stadium. I’ve come here for events and got lost once or twice looking for my seats but now I can navigate the building easily. An area in which I can improve is my knowledge of the building. Although my knowledge has grown tremendously there is still room to improve. My boss knows the stadium like the back of his hand. Granted, he’s been here for 7 years but I’m confident that I can get close to his level by the end of the summer with hard work and a desire to learn more.

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