Check-Up | #4

I am about a month into my three month summer internship, so not quite halfway yet. So far, so good. I have not had any major mistakes,  but I have not had any major successes either. I am still in the process of learning the business. But each day I become a little more comfortable with the material and all my co-workers.

Four weeks ago I set two major goals for myself for the summer. Being in the sports industry is not something that is for everyone–I learned that last summer. In my mind I have divided the sports industry into two large areas: teams and firms. Last summer I had the chance to work on the teams side, and luckily enough, this summer I have the opportunity to work more on the firm side. I am grateful for this chance to see two different areas of sports so I can start to narrow down what I enjoy doing. That was my first and most important goal of the summer: can I do this for post-graduation? Thus far, I have realized that I am not enjoying working on the firm side as much as I enjoyed working for a team. The experiences are much more different than I expected. At this point (one-third through my internship) I don’t think that I have quite enough experience and time to answer the question. But I am starting to see a future being forged.

Experience and networking are two things in the sports industry that make or break someone’s ability to get into this world. Last year I accumulated a fair share of experience and contacts. I wanted to be able to repeat that this summer. Four weeks in and I am doing just that. The office, as mentioned in previous posts, is small but a majority of the staff has worked in sports at other places as well. This gives me the opportunity to make contacts and expand my network. And being able to attend sales pitches, client meetings, and working hand-in-hand with the staff I am gaining practical experience in this specific area of sports marketing.

Looking forward, I have to adjust my expectations slightly to make more goals and view of the summer more optimistic. In order to have a successful rest of the internship, I need to make sure that I spend time speaking with each of the members of the office and learn about their journey to the company–what lead them there, why, etc. This networking will help me in the future with finding jobs and opportunities across the country. In addition, I need to start looking more positively about the work I am doing. Compared to my previous internship experience, I do not have as much responsibility or creative run. But I need to remember that this is a different company and area of marketing; the work I am doing will show its results in the end.

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