First Two Weeks | Blog Post #1

I just completed my first two weeks as a Tower Tomorrow Fellow at The Israel Project in Washington, D.C. As a fellow, I partake in a writing seminar headed by the editor of TIP’s publication, The Tower. Each week I complete a 2,000 word long-form essay to be edited and compose daily blog posts. Aside from that, I assist in the various departments at The Israel Project.

I was drawn to this opportunity for two key reasons. First, as an aspiring writer, I will be able to hone my skills and elevate my writing to the next level. The classic long-form essay is not an easy style to master, and getting this writing under my belt will really help me with the shorter assignments that I have more of an inclination to. Second, this fellowship gives me the chance to work in an area of communications that is important to me: Israel in the media. Having the opportunity to help shape the public perception of Israel–no matter how small a role–is extremely rewarding work for me as an American Jew who is concerned for Israel’s  future.

I took that picture of the Washington Monument the first weekend that I was in D.C. Having the opportunity to live and work in this city, mere blocks away from such rich history and beautiful architecture, is itself an immense experience.

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