Gender Identity At Internship / #3


Everyone has individual and group identities, and one that I notice a lot for myself is gender. I have always been conscious of the fact that I am female and have observed how that affects other people’s words and actions around me. I used to be self-conscious of my gender because I had heard stories of women being treated as inferior to men in the workplace environment. However, I am seeing my gender in a different light as I navigate my internship. At NAM, I have not only not been judged by my gender, but also have been receiving the same respect as people of the opposite sex. I no longer feel self-conscious of being female because I am not treated differently because of it. The people who I work with know I am capable of achieving the same as a man and do not put gender into the equation. This has made me feel more comfortable being female and coming to terms with my gender more. Further, this has inspired me to advocate for gender equality in places where I feel self-conscious about being female. I am proud to be female now. I complete my assignments with assertiveness and always want to do my best. I constantly try to improve and give everything my all. Now when I walk into the office, I stand tall with pride. The people here have made me feel comfortable in my own skin, and not only just accepting of my gender but also appreciating it. I see women in the office working so hard, being successful every day and that inspires me to do the same.

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