Getting the Hang of Things! | #2

I’m now entering my third week of my internship and I can confidently say, I’m getting the hang of things. For starters, I got my first paycheck (which I ended up picking up late), which really accelerated things here for me because something about seeing that live check in your hands, after weeks of hard work, just makes you feel like you’ve won the lottery, even though you’re getting paid minimum wage. Second, my manager is out of the office for a week so my independence is really being tested. Instead of knowing my manager is there to give me all my next steps, I now have the opportunity to test the waters for myself and manage for myself.

In addition to these factors, I’ve noticed my confidence in the workplace has shot up a lot more due to the great intern community the company has built here. For example, we have weekly intern meetings where an advisor recaps us on our agendas for the week and discusses any concerns we may have. Since, we, interns, work across various departments and rarely interact with each other on a working basis, this helps to solidify us and remind us we’re all on the same boat. Similarly, we have started on a project for the summer where all the interns work in different teams to kick start a marketing campaign idea for Smile Farms, the charity of 1800Flowers’ choice, for the next year. Actually, all of the interns even got the opportunity to visit the farm and volunteer to help the charity by planting flowers and preparing soil pots for the next seasons’ flowers and plants.

There are not that many companies that allow interns to engage in such a project, working with only other interns, to present an idea, which will then be showcased to top-executives of the company. Since I work in the special projects department and I’m not entirely exposed to the in-depth works of our brands, it’s so great to be able to not only participate in a project with the possibility of implementing the idea, but also, experience such a multi-million company’s commitment to a mission that is so deeply rooted across it’s brands and platforms.


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