Halfway Done and Checking In/ #4

My goal from my first blog post was the following: I hope to accomplish further growth in Cleveland through advancements in marketing strategies and event planning initiatives. From my marketing efforts and sitting in on meetings, I have learned how quickly and successfully Cleveland is already growing. Advisory boards are being created to connect Cleveland health and tech professionals. Networking events (which I have been attending) are a frequent occurrence to get business men and women talking about what change needs to be put in place. Start up companies are recognizing the affordable and impressive spaces within the Health-Tech Corridor, and are choosing incubators and accelerators in Cleveland to help them launch their companies.

Overall, the best way that I have contributed to further growth in Cleveland is simply by being present at these advisory boards, networking events, and staff meetings in order to learn what is happening now so that I can devise ways to continue to mold the future. While I do believe that my event efforts have helped connect the people that make up the Health Tech Corridor, it is my marketing that has spread the idea that the Health Tech Corridor is a great place to move or launch one’s business. For example, I updated the “Find Space” section of the website, so every available space offered within the HTC is listed with the correct information. Additionally, I started the initiative “Find Space Friday”, where I tweet and post on Facebook one of the office listings from our website every Friday. I think coming up with initiatives such as this is what I am doing well here. I feel that to grow, I need to continue learning about the companies we are trying to connect to so that I can find the best way to reach these potential companies.

As far as personal growth, I am still working on learning to adapt to work environments I am not quite used to. I have never before worked in a small office and it makes for a bit of a different work culture. While I have learned that I prefer a larger office, this internship is teaching me how to adapt to a small office as well so that I can still grow in my field despite not being in an environment that I am used to.

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