Informational Interview #1

For my first informational interview I chose to interview the head of human resources at Sandow. She was a very welcoming figure at the beginning of my internship program so I felt as though she would be easy and interesting to speak with. After meeting her for the first time I sent her an emailing, introducing myself and asking if she had an availability throughout my internship to speak about her role at Sandow and her prior experience in the media business world. She was more than thrilled to meet with me and so we set a date to chat for about an hour.

Prior to meeting with the head of HR I knew I would have to prep some interesting questions to maximize the short time I would have to speak with her. I drafted a bunch of questions, bouncing ideas off some of the other interns to ensure I got all of the information I was searching for. When I finally sat down with her the conversation flowed easily, I barely looked at the notes I had written down. After talking about her role at Sandow and her other experiences in the business (at places such as Forbes and Playboy), I could really see myself in an HR role. I think the most important piece of advice that I walked away with was to be open and always say yes. Even if a task seems bigger than you, try it. She reminded me that failures are how we learn and become better at the job we are doing!



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  • July 27, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Wow – Way to shoot for the top when setting up an interview! If this assignment was the impetus behind the connection, I hope that it has inspired your to continue reaching out; otherwise, I hope that it has reinforced the value!


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