Roc Space #2

Hi again!

As I have spent more time in the office, I have truly come to know the work culture at Roc Nation, specifically in the marketing department. In my opinion, one’s work ethic/culture is fundamental and sets the tone for the company as a whole. It seems that everyone at Roc definitely agrees. Here, the marketing department is diligent, professional, and extremely creative. We all come dressed in business attire, ready for the day. Though, this firm attire does not prohibit fun and inventive thinking in the office. Such work culture I love to promote. Although business attire is not as important to me, I do believe in set scheduling and innovative thinking. In order to succeed in the professional world, I must be able to complete my work on time and under pressure. I must also be able to think of new and creative ways to represent clients in order to differentiate my work from others.

On the other hand, the physical structure of the office is quite different than the work culture. The office is somewhat lofty, with contemporary art and glass wall separators. In any employee’s private office, one can find music playing, and it’s typically an artist that we represent! The structure creates a lax environment in which people still grind to get their work done. I love the way the office is set up, as I believe that it’s stress-free and inspires our creativity. I would feel incredibly lucky to be able to start a career in this office.

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