Still Feels Like New l #4

Hello again and welcome to week 4’s entry! I do want to first echo a sentiment that had its inception last week – things are definitely starting to speed up! It seems like I only posted a few days ago, and at least the section around our hostel is now feeling very familiar. That being said, I’m definitely starting to appreciate something which I did not really recognize before this trip, and that is just how truly wide and how many different states of mind there are on spectrum between unfamiliarity and total knowledge. In one of my philosophy classes sophomore year, I learned about “The Peak of Mount Stupid”; this is a theoretical place where people end up shortly after they’re introduced to a new concept and think they’ve pretty much got it under control, but when given time fall off of when they quickly realize just how much there is actually is to know about whatever concept it happens to be. Continuing with this analogy, what I’m trying to relate is that I’m starting to realize how nuanced the journey back up after falling off of Mount Stupid is. That is to say, I’ve learned that it is entirely possible to simultaneously feel comfortable and somewhat confident in an area and still experience the exact same feeling of complete newness you did when you first got there. The sheer size of Buenos Aires as a city is most likely responsible for a significant portion of this phenomenon, since it’s really quite easy to find something new every day, however it being a consistent feeling does nothing to subdue my amazement with it. It happened several times this past week, once when I discovered several new restaurants (all delicious of course) that were hardly 5 minutes from the hostel, again with a sort of experimental museums whose exhibits completely rotate every few weeks only about a 5 minute bus ride away, and then again just today with San Telmo, a street marketplace probably about 10 blocks long, again only a 10 minutes walk. I did all of this and more with two exciting new additions to our crew, Emily and Kellianne, both of whom are interning here (Emily with the same company as me!) Speaking of which, I had a great week at work; the transcriptions are definitely getting easier, on Emily’s first day we got to go with our boss to a live interview at one of Argentina’s radio stations (something I’ve always wanted to do, but in which the DJ persuaded/forced us to talk even though we were only going to observe!), and towards the end of the week I actually recorded another interview with a different radio station. All new and of course exciting experiences. As always thanks for reading and here are this week’s pictures! Very unfortunately, my favorite from the week (a Spanish sign outside a bookstore that said lose yourself in Dickens) wouldn’t load, and the ones of Emily and I at the radio station are too big to load.

Mount Stupid

One of BusinessPress’s clients in the real world
Fascinating blurb from the museum
Our hostel from that map
Incredibly intricate exhibit of BA in museum
Avenida Corrientes in the early 1900s
Museum exhibit
Museum exhibit

One thought on “Still Feels Like New l #4

  • June 20, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Haha I love the idea of Mount Stupid – it’s a great analogy for getting acclimated to a new job and culture. There is a similar idea in psychology, where people who don’t know very much are very confident about their knowledge. However, those who know a lot already know how much else there is that they don’t know, and may feel like an imposter in their fields.

    The DJ interview sounds amazing! Is radio something you’d like to get involved in after you come back?


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