The CoVar Way

After being in my internship for a couple weeks now I have begun to get a grip on the environment of CoVar Transport. In the office, there are 5 guys and are all pretty young, so the environment is much less serious then I thought it would be. Before I got on my first conference call I was pretty nervous to say the least, but after the call I realized that though business is serious, it is still ok to have fun while working and in fact that often makes the work itself much easier.

In terms of marketing for CoVar, I have learned that the marketing for a trucking company is a lot more unique then what most marketing interns might deal with. So far I have taken grasp of the industry and trying to get the company itself more recognizable to people across the country. Now for a small trucking company, it may seem hard to market, but the trucking industry itself is massive and they are all over social media.

A few days in I asked my boss just exactly how and why they have marketed themselves in the past, and what I learned was that most of their posts consisted of just photos of trucks and what not. I thought it might be important for a small company in a not very flashy industry to use some statistics from the industry to show just how important trucking is for the US economy. I was nervous to mention this to my boss but after I did, he thought it was a great idea and helped me find some good sources and statistics to use.

I think this helps show just how helpful and relaxed the office team at CoVar is.

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