Blog 3: The Masculine-Feminine Difference

I am a woman. By being a woman I am marginalized. Being a woman working in sports creates many obstacles for me, as the sports world is known as a men’s club, putting me even further into the minority. In my department at the Rockland Boulders I am the only female intern among 15 boys. While I have often heard how difficult it is for a woman to make it in the sports business I never thought much of it. I wasn’t seeing it so I couldn’t believe it. That was my thought before starting my internship. Now more than ever I am feeling the sex inequality that takes place in the work place. While my supervisors do respect me and know I am smart they still see me as weaker then the boys. I am a fit girl, and can carry my load yet multiple times in the office when trying we have to move boxes or set up tables for games I am told ‘don’t worry about it, well make the boys carry the boxes/ set up the table.” While missing out on these little tasks don’t take away from my learning it still hurts me because in the eyes of the work place because I am a female so I am too weak to carry a box. As a result of these situations I have become more of an advocate for myself in the work place. Taking initiative with the more physical tasks, showing the office I can carry my own load and do it with grace.

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