Week #1 at Martineau Leonard

My preconceived notions of working at a law firm were very different than what I was pleasantly surprised with on my first day. First off, law is usually seen as a male dominated field but my office is all women. The personal injury firm is filled with two partners, a paralegal, a secretary and a new attorney who just joined the team a couple weeks ago. They take their work very seriously, and obviously do a very good job at it considering that I saw many new clients come in during my first week who were referred to us by other clients and even other firms. It is a very empowering place to be when women are the ones in charge of it all. My job there is to help them with a lot of projects that gives them more time to focus on cases, depositions, paperwork and their clients. While I spent my first day setting up intake forms for clients, I received somewhat of a monster of a project on day two. They are moving all their clients information to a new system from an old one. I am basically building up a note folder with all the clients information and case so that it is easily accesible to them as they transition. As I go through all these different clients I’ve gotten to see all different cases from auto accidents, dog bites, slip and fall and crushed hands… which come with pretty gruesome but honestly cool pictures. While I go through also get a quick run down of the case and what happened. While it seems very basic, it has opened my eyes immensely to the world of law. Especially how much it can help people. Our office helps a lot of low income families and Spanish speaking clients. Ive seen and heard conversations between our partners and the families where the families have express how taken care of they have felt and protected from a system that can easily take advantage of them. It has given me even more of a reason to go into law in order to help immigrants that find themselves in situations where they are not being protected.

All in all, the first week was a success. Didn’t break anything or step on any toes! Very excited to see where the rest of this internship takes me.

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