Week 1 – Initial Impressions

After having repeated this spiel countless times, mostly because I couldn’t pronounce ‘three’ right, I could probably tell you about E3 Talent Design Lab in my sleep. A non-profit organisation focused on providing quality early childhood education (ECE) as well as professional development services, E3’s office sits in a tall building almost in the heart of downtown Detroit. The organisation boasts an army of highly-qualified individuals whom make up the bulk of Detroit’s ECE top dogs. Their main objective is a large-scale projection of my heart’s timid dream – to provide every child with a quality learning experience.

My first impression of the organisation was that it was fast-paced, dynamic, and stressful. However, the initial two weeks of my job consisted of some heavy reading, and megabytes worth of research resources. The project I am working on is called Arts For Learning’s Sake, and is pretty much a consolidation of everything I’m passionate about : little humans (translation : kids) , art, education, and research, but there are moments during which I stop and wonder if they hadn’t chosen the wrong person for the job. The implications of what we are planning for are tremendous, and the mere thought of failure makes me want to shut my laptop down and retreat into apathy. But that’s where perspective kicks in, albeit usually after a whole thermos of coffee, and I am reminded that I am not doing this for myself, and in a field such as ECE, I must be doing this for the children.

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