Baptism Through Fire (or Water?) | #1

Having finished my orientation the week before for Sage Corps, I was very excited to get started at my tech startup Aireko, a solar company with a strong presence on the East Coast. As soon as I got off the R train on 14th Street, I walked the remaining ten minutes to WeWork Chelsea at 9:00 AM. I spent a brief amount of time researching about the solar industry prior to joining, but a short 30-minute training session by my supervisor already made me feel like an amateur expert on the energy industry. The harnesses were now off: I was on my own, responsible for assisting the company in developing a marketing campaign and brainstorming ideas for materials.

Until I left work at 5:00 PM, I was at my desk crunching numbers, making phone calls to various contacts throughout the country, and finishing up my annoying paperwork for HR. Wasn’t a particularly tough day, but a busy one nonetheless. It was quite a hot day – just crossing the street with the other interns to grab lunch resulted in a drenched shirt. But that wasn’t the first time in the day that my shirt was going to be soaking wet. When it was time to clock out, a flash flood warning rang off from my phone. I was drenched again as I ran and later walked towards the R train stop – it was a futile effort to run.  Enjoy the photo of me soaking wet after my hour long commute.

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