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I have now been living in Berlin for over a month, and everything is starting to feel pretty normal, although even at first the city felt very cozy and welcoming. I finally have a grasp on all forms of public transportation, and I now have a better understanding of where I like to spend my time and the events going on within the city. A couple weeks ago, my friend from Hamburg came down to visit me for the weekend, and we had the opportunity to attend Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures and see the parade. The carnival attracts individuals and cultures from all around the world, and one can enjoy all of the different food, song, and dance from different cultures in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

I also got a chance to venture into the countryside of Germany when I went on a trip to Dresden. Halfway through our day trip, we decided to go to a village called Rathen to see the Bastei Bridge. The village sits on a river in between a mountainous landscape covered in trees.

My German skills have gotten a little better since I have arrived here in Berlin, and I now feel comfortable asking people questions around the city, and even giving directions, but it is still difficult for me to understand what some people are telling me.

As for my job, I am feeling much more comfortable and our team of interns is making great progress on our research project. Our mentor Dr. Notthoff and all of the other faculty here at Humboldt Universität are brilliant, and it is amazing to have a chance to see what they are studying and how specific research tasks are carried out. This position has so much to do with what I would like to do in the future with public health, and every day poses another chance to learn more about factors that affect general and individual populations.


Picture Time! Here you can see a view from inside the Alte Nationalgalerie, my friend and I at the Carnival of Cultures (don’t worry, we only put on the visors for the picture), a view from the top of the Reichstag dome, a photo of Dresden architecture, the inside of the Pergamom Museum, the Berlin golden hat, myself stnading on a cliff in Rathen, and a nice American stand we found at the Carnival of Cultures.

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  • June 28, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    I’m happy you feel relaxed and comforted in Berlin! Did you see anything surprising from the carnival?


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