Blog 4: Mid-Point Check-In

At the mid-point of my internship, my goals still accurately describe my experience thus far. I have been making connections with employees and collaborating well with my fellow interns.

I think that I have succeeded in being efficient with my work load. My time management skills have strongly developed which has added to my overall professional development.

I really enjoy working here and have for sure made some life-long friendships. The work environment here is one that I can only hope to experience in my career. The work that I have been doing here is exactly the type of work I want to do long-term. I hope to continue discovering different areas of professional interest to me by being a bit less shy. I will work on initiating more conversation with employees around the office so that I can practice my networking skills and consequently make connections – for both personal and professional purposes.

I have had a great experience thus far and with the addition of conversation, my summer will only be more enhanced. I look forward to the coming weeks and building on the positive experiences I have already made. This summer has been very eye opening in the sense that I have discovered the type of work and work environment I hope to be a part of post-grad.

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