Blog Post 5

I haven’t had any significant obstacles at my internship (so far) but there are small obstacles every week that I must overcome. For example, I was working on updating our company’s website and the entire website decided to crash and so none of my hard work was saved. I just had to remain patient and do it over, which was annoying, but not the worst thing in the world. Also, the computers here sometimes crash so that halts my progress as well.

Everything that I do requires approval which is kind of an obstacle in itself because 99% of my work must be tweaked before it is published. This is helping me learn how present things in the best possible way, and really prepares me for a job in the future.

I’ve also learned to become much more organized during my internship because we have multiple projects that we have to work on simultaneously and we document all of our efforts in an excel sheet. I’m not used to being this organized, and at school I don’t even keep a planner or list of assignments, but this is definitely changing how I view organization. It’s a great skill to have and I’m going to try to keep myself organized even after this internship ends.

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