Constituent Services at the RNC Blog #2

Although I am only a few weeks into my internship, I know that the director of the constituent services department, Paula, and our department coordinator, Jace, are absolutely fantastic. From the first day, they have both put in a lot of effort to get to know myself and the other two interns in our department. Paula took each of us out to lunch and has really expressed a lot of interest in our lives. She is older and has lived an amazing life, which is great because she has a lot of experiences to share with us as well. She has kind of taken us under her wing and is often giving us advice and encouragement. It is still early to see if she is my mentor, but I know that I will definitely look up to her from here on out. Jace is also a really great boss! He is about 25 years old and is able to relate to us more. Since he graduated not too long ago, he is able to mentor us on the job search and give us advice about how to get where we want to go. Again, I’ve only known him for a few weeks but I think he’ll be a great mentor as well!

As there are only three interns in my department, including me, I have developed great friendships with my two coworkers. Specifically, Andrew and I have really bonded over these three weeks. Gina lives about an hour away from the office so she doesn’t really hang out with us after work, but Andrew and I go to the RNC softball games, the Congressional Baseball Game, the College Republican National Convention, on walks around the national mall, and to the Smithsonian. It’s wonderful to have someone to explore Washington D.C. with and have these adventures with. In addition to those activities, Paula sends us on these excursions called “Great Escapes” and they are like mini scavenger hunts where she sends us to a museum or monument and we have to figure out the clue and answer the question. We have to take pictures and show them to Paula when we come into work on Monday. Then, we have also made friends in the Communications department because we are all on the first floor together. One of the girls in that department is actually the niece of a family friend and we met for the first time here at the RNC! Peter is also a really great guy who is an expert at networking and is a really funny, enthusiastic person to be around. There are so many wonderful people who work at the RNC and I am blessed to have met so many wonderful people and created great relationships that I hope to have for years to come.

Congressional Baseball Game with Andrew and the Comms interns!
CRNC with Andrew!
We found the Hope Diamond at the Museum of Natural History – Great Escape!



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