Blog 1-Goals

For my summer 2017 summer internship position, I was awarded the opportunity to intern with the city of Highland Park in both their Real Estate sector, and their Community and Economic Development sector. In addition to be being blessed with an internship that will equip with the knowledge and expertise for my career field, I have also been fortunate enough to engage and interact with so many great people. I was able to gain a good sense of everyone’s character who I intern under. They are not only passionate about implementing initiatives to assure a brighter tomorrow for the city of Highland Park, but have made it their duty to survey the residents of the city and assure that all new development in accordance with the wants on the residents. This was evident to me on the first day of my internship when Ms. Yvette Robinson, the director of Community and Economic Development, gave me a detailed description of what the office’s end goal is: get the city RRC (Redevelopment Ready Certified) through the MEDC. Doing so will allow several development/rehabilitation efforts to come into a city that is so poverty struck. After seeing how passionate I was about helping the city, Mrs. Robinson assigned me to the task of gathering aspects, from other RRC cities’ Public Participation Plan, to assure that the entire city of Highland Park was on board for the redevelopment efforts coming to the city.

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