Halfway there….

Wow, what a month and a half it’s been.

When I started this internship, I had absolutely no idea what to expect or really had any sort of clue to what I would be doing for the firm.

A month and a half later……

…nothing has changed.

That’s obviously not true but  my role at the firm is still ever flexible, changing on the daily and every day I find myself finding tasks to challenge myself. From what I’ve experienced here at Schox, having full autonomy over my work has it’s advantages and disadvantages as well.

For example, every day, I spend a portion of my morning deciding what I need to work on that particular day. I don’t have weekly deliverables and I don’t get much of Jeff’s time each week. This is great because I have a lot of flexibility in terms of what I what I want to do that day but I often find myself questioning whether the work I’m doing is actually valuable or not.

It’s an ongoing creative challenge, but one that is welcomed definitely. It’s definitely extremely exciting to come into work challenging myself and discerning what I should be doing to work toward my goal rather than having the steps given out to me.

Let’s see what the back half of this thing has in store!

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