New Experiences Blog Post #2

I have been working my internship for a few weeks now and have been able to truly get my foot in the door and contribute at my internship. At the Public Defenders office I have been shadowing my mentor in court and learning all the procedures and necessary tasks to operate as an attorney. During this many opportunities have come to me,  for example I was able to observe and take notes on full judge trials and see how both the defense, prosecution, and judge all interact and work together at some times in order to create the best possible outcome for all parties. It is interesting to see the professional and cordial style of communication that is used between parties and how that affects interactions. There is a large process of practice and error that leads to perfecting and mastering everything needed in court settings and on the record during trials. I also have been able to write up summaries of reports for clients, this is a huge part of the job as reports are constantly coming in and must be summarized to what is truly important. Learning key shorthand, how to choose between essential and not, and reading for understanding are all things that help get through the workload and garner more knowledge of the client or case. As this internship continues through the summer I hope to have even more first hand experiences that help prepare me for my future career and give me the skills to succeed.

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