The Valiant Brand | #1 | Jared Wangler


This summer I have had the pleasure of working with the Valiant Brand. Valiant is a newer clothing brand which started on campus in 2016. It originally began as a Michigan only brand that sold exclusively in the MDen. Now, Valiant sells in multiple other retail stores as well as through it’s website,

My position at Valiant entails much responsibility. First, I am responsible for product placement. I have been finding well known people to wear and post about our product on their social media platforms. This helps the brand market itself immensely. Another one of my responsibilities is to come up with new product design ideas. I sit down and come up with new ideas which are later collaborated on with business partners and turned into actual product.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for shoes and clothing. I love the idea of creating my own designs and see what feedback I can get from it. I will always remember being in the second grade and convincing my classmates to all draw their own custom shoe and sharing their ideas. My father works at Adidas and my godfather works at Under Armour, so I have been around the business my entire life and I enjoy it very much.

My goals are to expand the brand as much as possible. I am shooting towards making Valiant Brand the second largest brand sold in the MDen next to Nike/Jordan.



Valiant Brand

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