Work Environment | #2

While picking my internship for the summer a positive work environment was very important for me to find. Today marks the start of my third week here at Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment in the sales department. Over these past few weeks I have gotten to know my colleagues, both my superiors and the other interns, through different talks that I have had or seminars that I have attended. Something that sticks out to me about the work environment is that everyone is more than just colleagues, but also friends. I feel like that working in a close-knit environment where everyone is comfortable with one another is extremely rewarding, in that everyone is looking out for each other’s success. People are always coming up to me to make sure that I have been introduced to everyone while also trying to get to know me. When I walk into work every day I am genuinely happy to be surrounded by colleagues that I feel completely comfortable around. For example, last Thursday I presented my first project in front of various executives and managers in the sales department, who all made me feel calm while presenting for the first time this summer. After my presentation, I was given feedback on what I needed to improve on, this advice was delivered to me in a very professional and friendly way. Another great aspect of working at Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment is that the environment is fun, there isn’t a feeling that everyone’s eyes are glued to the computer but everyone is enjoying their jobs. Not only are people always mingling with one another, but also music is constantly playing throughout the sales floor, with a game room with an x-box and a television set close by. This environment makes me realize that a professional environment comes in many different forms.

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