One Month Update| #2

What type of programs/initiatives does your company host to foster staff relationships?

One of the most amazing experiences I’m having with the Center for Financial Planning is the community-based activities that encompass everything that my co-workers do. From the start, they’ve set values that they wanted to achieve. One of these was to have a more inclusive environment among the workers, one that made it feel like a team. And so, they have weekly events, whether that’s dealing with wellness or community building, it’s meant to get everyone involved. Just last month they had a client appreciation tour of Detroit. Moreover, just last week, we had Development Day in which we brainstormed ideas in our department in how we can effectively execute tasks and communicate with each department without delays, overload in work, or untimely last-minute favors. It brought to light what everyone was feeling they lacked in building a better company and work life. In a couple weeks, we’ll be going to a Detroit Tigers game just to enjoy each other’s company and the summer weather!

Honestly, I’ve never thought I’d find such a family-like environment in a firm. I’ve always imagined busy work and constant stress and sleep deprivation, but this… this is a refreshing experience! Although there is a boat-load of work and constant challenges that arise, there is the value of companionship that also rises.

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