#3 Value of Diversity

As an Asian, I belong to the minority group categorized by race and ethnicity. In M Financial Group, however, I do not smell a single bit of the odor of alienation. Diversity is valued here in M. There are a few, not many, other Asians in M. Our department president is Asian. As an Asian, I receive compliments and comments on my work just like my other colleagues. Here in M people do not distinguish others by race, and a strong sense of belonging arises from the first day of your work.

That being said, it is still fun that we exchange our ideas and thoughts through casual talks over lunch break. I have noticed these cultural differences as our conversations go on, and it is always interesting to notice the differences in lifestyles, food preferences, education, and so forth. People are interested in listening to stories about your culture and becoming engaged. They value your culture and lifestyle, which could be very different and new to them. I regard my work as a great opportunity to bring updated information about my country, too. There might be stereotypes of Asians being shy and conservative, but I am glad that I can try my utmost to change people’s views on the potential stereotypes.

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