Abilities #3

During my internships, I think the most important identity of mine that is being tested is ability and creative skills. I am required to create social media and email campaigns for a jewelry desidgner and for various Italian brands. I am being pushed to explore my creative side more and the level of work expected from me is supposed to of very high standard to appeal to a certain demographic. This is making my outlook on aesthetics evolve as well and I feel that my tastes in things are changing. I also feel more confident now that I realize that with the right guidance and experience, I am becoming more professional in my graphic designing skills as well as my styling skills in clothing and other aspects of the industry. My identity as a creative person has come to surface, and I feel much more self assured about my skills.


A newer question I have been wondering about is how to create my marketing portfolio. I have been asking a lot of photographers and other creative persons on how to create it and it also got me connected to different people in my fields and helped me understand what everyone looks for.


One of the email campaigns that I designed!

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