Blog #1

First day on the job:

It’s great to be back! Being co-director of this organization has made for a pretty stressful winter semester of freshman year, but the summer vibe is different. Coming into the meetings, I think I imagined more structure, but at the same time I’m glad that these meetings are more laid back. I’m disappointed that the one project I really wanted to work on got voted out, but I understand that this is a democracy and we all have to work together in order to get any work done. The first half of the meeting consisted a lot of checking in with everyone, and going over our own personal, and organizational, goals for the summer. We all have pretty high aspirations it seems!! It’s going to be a busy summer once things kick off, but I look forward to the work to come- plus its great to be reunited with my partner-in-crime (the other co-director)!


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