Developing a Schedule | #4

Working for a startup allows you to do a lot and make sure that the schedule is important since that schedule allows you to developed who you are. During the first week of my internship I was not prepared to cook and developed my schedule and then I was able to find my personal routine. Especially in Ann Arbor where there’s always something going on. I knew working near the Kerry Town markets would be super great since it allows me to always grab a snack during my breaks. One of things about working for a startup it’s that you are always busy and multi-tasking which always distracted me from getting my own meals during work. So I decided the week following to setup a time for lunch and to eat no matter what and it helped me plan not my meals but the tasks I had to get done. The reason I did this is because the startup I work for allows me to decide when take breaks and take my lunches whenever I want and I have to always make sure that I plan out what times I want to take a break. This is super fun since I get to enjoy a good walk outside and see Kerrytown.  Each Wednesday there is always the farmers market and there is so much to do. The location of my internship has been the best and seeing the lively part of town is amazing and the best. 

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