Diversity @ Zoro | #3

Being a small business located in the middle-class town north of Chicago, Zoro is unlikely to be expected as a diverse team of people. I, as well, came to Zoro with the assumption that the company is probably pretty similar to most small businesses where people prioritize efficiency over diversity.

I did not come to the realization of the diversity of my team until I actually sit down and start to reflect on it. I was, frankly, pretty astonished by the level diversity I am surrounded with. My internship manager was born in Poland; my other two fellow designers are Mexican and Chinese. Both of the directors in my department are female, and they both report to a VP being a woman of color.

Diversity means a lot to me. Being a minority both in terms of ethnicity and nationality, it is important to me that the people around me support my identity and take me in as part of the community. Sometimes I easily take it for granted until I encounter the consequences of lack of it.

Zoro still ha a long way to go to achieve a more inclusive company culture and to recruit talents of every background. However, my experience with the team up till today has been positive and rewarding, and a huge part of that derives from our diversity.

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