Favorite Parts of India: Blog Post 7

My favorite part of work is going out into the city and taking video of it. I go with one of my coworkers to some interesting part of the city and we film. I get to take my camera places I wouldn’t be brave enough to shoot video without needing to for work. We go into bus stops, famous buildings, and random parks. I have gotten to see the city in so much more detail than if I had just come as a tourist. I have become so much more comfortable just going into the city and visiting places. This has gotten me to be bolder in my travels as well.

Outside of work, I love to go on long drives with my roommates. We’ll all just pile into the car and drive somewhere, sometimes with a destination other times just for the journey. On route, we’ll stop and get tea on the side of the road, have long conversations about culture, and blare tamil music from the car. We have gone to places you’d never find in a guidebook like a random dried up lake or a broken bridge. During those drives, we are free to explore the world. I feel full of life.

One thought on “Favorite Parts of India: Blog Post 7

  • June 21, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    It’s so nice to get the insider’s take on a city rather than being a tourist! I’m happy that you are becoming comfortable with Chennai and that this bold outlook has applied to fulfilling personal travels. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more, and maybe seeing some of the videos you took!


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