My Mentor | #3

One of the most rewarding parts of my internship experience has been the relationship I have developed with my research mentor.  Not only has he guided me to grow intellectually, but professionally as well.  Having worked with him for almost a year now (as I am continuing my internship from my UROP experience), I have gained such a vast amount of knowledge in the field of immunology and in life.

What I value most is what my mentor has taught me with regard to dealing with rejections. This past year has been one of ups and downs as it consisted of applying for many grants and fellowships and receiving numerous rejections.  At first, this was very difficult for me.  I felt defeated and frustrated to have put in so much work for no results.  However, my mentor told me something that helped me overcome these negative emotions.  He stated that as I continue down my career path, the obstacles I am going to encounter are going to increase but I just have to keep pushing through and that determination is one of the true determinants of success. This was advice that I greatly appreciated and have found a lot of truth in as time has gone on.

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