My Warm Summer Welcome to the Xi Laboratory #1

Over the course of the Fall and Winter academic semesters, I had performed research at the Xi Lab through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program here at UMich. We researched the effects of extracellular ATP upon bacteria’s susceptibility to antibiotics. Everyday I walked into the lab I would encounter something new- whether it be a new experiment, interesting new bacteria to work with, or some fascinating new information to learn. This was especially true when I had arrived to the lab for the last time during the winter semester, which was right before summer vacation. I sat down with my supervisor and he spoke to me about continuing research over the summer. I was ecstatic, and of course I had accepted his offer.

Jianfeng, my supervior (left) and myself (right), at the start of the summer internship.

Two weeks of break fly by and I arrive back to the lab- starting my summer internship. It was a busy day since we had a lot of work to catch up on. We were continuing our research project from the academic school year and addressed it by experimentation, reading old literature and brainstorming new ideas to test the question.

Some things I enjoy the most about the internship now that I’ve started in the summer is that we’re making scientific discoveries, things that the science community has previously not known about before. Additionally, my coworkers in the lab are very helpful and enthusiastic, which makes my time in the lab even more enjoyable.

To celebrate my arrival back to the lab for the summer, my supervisor decided the lab should go out to lunch together at a tasty Japanese restaurant off of South University Avenue. We feasted on sushi, talked about the research plans we have for the summer, and other interesting things happening in our personal lives. I’m very thankful to be in this wonderful position at the lab, and am excited to emerge myself more into the hands on world of microbiology and biochemistry this summer.

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