Self-assessment Review | #4

At Buzzvil, the employers and the employees would evaluate their performances using an organizational chart called OKR (Objectives and Key Results). The benefit of using OKR is to measure results and progresses with solid numbers such as “achieve # of installs”, “x% of open rate”, “improve CVR by y%”, etc. Therefore, it is clear to understand if someone has met his (or her) goal at the end of the quarter.

OKR is not a metric to determine one’s ability nor will affect compensation or employment. It is a transparent guidance that can be shared among members to understand each one’s goal and tasks more thoroughly. For example, I, as a member of the marketing team, wrote my own OKR in the beginning of the quarter and shared with the rest of the team for feedbacks. It would take up to a week to solidify this quarter’s OKR. After finalizing it, I would try my best to achieve the numbers.

For example, one of my objectives was to improve Google Play Store Install Rate to 35%(from 25%). In order to achieve my objective, I have set 3 key results to work on: 1) conduct 3 A/B testings and find the most optimized Google Play Page, 2) achieve 4.2(frpm 3.993) by adapting rating system, 3) answer 100% of Google Play Review, Facebook, Company Blog no later than 24 hours during business hours. In the end of the quarter, I would count the number of tasks that I have successfully completed in this quarter. For instance, if I have completed only 2 A/B testings on Google Play Store among 3, I would give .66 points for its achievement rate. Then, I would average on every key results and come up with a total achievement rating.

*This is how my OKR looks like.

For this quarter, I have earned a total of .66 points. If the number is too high, it means that I have set my objectives too low, and if the number is too low, it means that I need to find other alternative ways to meet my goals effectively.

My internship is coming towards its end, and I can’t believe how fast it went. I have certainly learned a lot in and out of offices and feel grateful to work here. I am still in the progress of developing my potentials and skill sets, and I believe my internship has definitely made me more prepared for my future career.

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