Time Flies By When You’re Having Fun! | Blog #4

I am now exactly halfway done with my 12 week internship, and I can’t believe it. Time has flown by and it seems like just yesterday I was starting my first day. Now, 6 weeks in, I feel extremely confident and comfortable in my intern role as a digital media intern, although I know there is a lot more room for growth.

Six weeks ago, my goals were to complete a gifting, become closer with my boss, and connect with another company executive who is a Michigan Communications alum. I am glad to say that I am close to all these goals being completed! I have not only finished one gifting by myself, but multiple: they are becoming a daily routine for me now! For example, today I sent out a customized HOBO bag gifting to bloggers in NYC, Nashville and LA. This involved me creating a list of bloggers to send to, having them approved by the HOBO team, locating their addresses, and packaging up their bags to perfection. My boss and I are extremely friendly now, and frequently just have conversations about daily life. While I aim to keep our relationship as professional as possible for the duration of my internship, it is clear that we would be great friends outside the office as well. Finally, I reached out to the Michigan alum at my office and we are scheduled to meet for a coffee next week! I feel like I am making large strides as an intern at Wetherly, and I am proud of myself and excited about what is to come in the second half of my internship.

I feel as though I am a very strong intern. I am frequently the first intern in the office and one of the last to leave. Once I finish a task, I ask my supervisor for another, which I did not do a lot in my last internship and was trying to improve on my second time around. I want to show her that not only am I completing tasks efficiently, but that I can handle more on my plate. However, at the same time, I have to be sure that I am doing the tasks I am given at a high standard. Quality over quantity is important! A future goal I have for myself is to help the other digital intern more in regards to giving her equal weight for assignments and teaching her things she doesn’t know. Sometimes it is easier and faster for me to just finish an assignment myself, but I want to grow as a team player as much as I can during my next six weeks.

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