Value of Diversity #3

In today’s world, there is a lot of buzz and controversy over women in the workforce, their presence and their value. Women still make less money than men on average and there are many companies that value their men employees over the women. As a woman, I knew that I wanted to work somewhere that would value my identity and not take me for granted. I work in a place where the majority are women. All of our hobbies include fashion, social media, beauty, gossip and etc. It is nice working in a space where my hobbies are similar to many of my colleagues and bosses. On my team there are about 10 women and only 1 male. My boss is a woman and my bosses boss is a woman as well. Here, in my office, and the magazine industry as well, women are given amazing opportunities and are applauded for all of their hard work. Another thing I have noticed is that a majority of my team has kids. This further emphasizes how powerful women are in my field because they are not just “stay at home moms”. They are creative, smart, hard working women and it gives me something to aspire to when I am older!

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