Work Culture | #2

I recently finished my first two weeks at New York Life, and I’m excited for the next eight. I’ve definitely settled into the workplace and adjusted to the environment. The office I work in, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, is a lot more relaxed than a typical office. The dress code is business casual, but more on the casual side because you can wear jeans. There’s open seating, so anyone can sit wherever they want each day. Instead of cubicles, theres rows of tables with multiple workspaces at each. You aren’t closed off from your coworkers, so your encouraged to talk to each other. There’s free coffee and tea too! This type of environment really shows how the company and the workers are friendly and laid back.

This is my first job in a real corporate environment and I wasn’t expecting it to be like this. I really like this type of setting and I think it fits my work style. As an intern I can grab a window seat if I want, which I don’t think happens at many other companies. And since we’re right across from the city, on the Hudson River, I get a nice view of the NYC skyline. Also, there’s summer Fridays, where every week there’s half-day Fridays, which I’ll take gladly. So all-in-all I’d say I love where I work. Great people, great office, and some great views. I could definitely see myself launching a career in this type of work environment.

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