Blog 4: Everything and more!

Maria Backman
ALA 225 SP 2017

Blog 4: Midpoint Check-in

The internship has been more than what I had originally expected myself to be doing thus far, I’ve been interacting with clients directly and influencing documents that are required for whatever service they need. At the firm, my boss has kept me busy with paperwork, but not the boring kind. As I’m creating and revising forms, often dealing with information that is expected to grant a visa, I’m learning a ton about NY State law and the different law systems that are adhered to. Especially in the field of immigration, laws and statutes change periodically and make certain procedures either more flexible or strict.

The networking aspect has been superb as well! Meeting not only practicing attorneys but people who work in other fields as well. My favorite person that I’ve met is a woman named Norine, she’s a life coach that is always charismatic and enthusiastic to start her day. Her outlook to life and the way you approach things is so inspiring, she gives everything her all and when she talks to you she seems to really want to get to know you. Don’t come across that too often in the city.

I am also learning a lot about law school through the experiences of others. So many have been helpful and insightful to what to expect and what to look out for, it calms any anxiety I may have had. I value the short discourses because not all lawyers went to top 10 law schools and are doing very well in their field. They say much of their success to hard work and dedication and as a student-athlete I can relate and apply that easily.

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