Blog 5 – Overcome Obstacle

The internship is not an easy process, but the biggest obstacle I experienced is still the physical exhaustion. I used to take nap at noon, but I couldn’t do that during the internship, and also this is my first time to face the computer screen continuously for at least 8 hours. At the beginning of the internship, I felt extremely exhausted in the afternoon, which prevents me from being efficient and productive. I tried very hard to be focus, but my body didn’t want to. I sought for many different helps, but the condition never improves.  I clearly know that this is the obstacle that I have to overcome, so I start to force myself do exercise regularly. I was too lazy to go to gym during the academic school year, which I guess make my body become little unhealthy and very easy to be sleepy. Therefore, I started going to gym four times a week since the half of the internship. I felt extremely hard at beginning, but later it becomes part of my daily schedule. Now I still feel tired in the afternoon, but condition improves a lot. I realize that work is very different from school, and I have to change myself to fit in this environment. Even though this is not directly related to my work, but it affects my performance a lot. I also heard many other interns had the same problem when switching from school to work. I think I will meet the same problem again when I start working. I think it will be really valuable to ask for advice from my colleagues.

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