Blog 5: Some Hiccups

Maria Backman
ALA 225 SP 2017

Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

A factor that I had found difficult was getting used to some of the lingo that’s used by lawyers. Most of the attorneys I had a chance to work with had to been practicing for quite some time, so they had made their own terms and abbreviations for different situations and laws. I found myself constantly asking, “what does that mean?” or “can you explain that in a case situation?”. At times I felt bad for asking so many questions that was common for them, but the learning experience is what I am there for. Plus, if I know I avoid making more mistakes in the future and lessen what felt like the hand-holding stage. In addition, once I figured out what things meant I was able to contribute to discussions more and was able to present situations that would spark conversations.

Another difficulty was learning how to write like a lawyer. I was given templates, of course to guide me when creating and revising documents, but word selection is so important especially when making legal documents. It’s a way of protecting yourself and client from any potential issues, some documents are very intricate and complicated while others were simple. It all varied on the service that was to be provided.

But the biggest difficulty was remembering each visa. That was probably one of the hardest things because there are so many! You go from I-100’s to I-900’s and if that wasn’t enough there are lettered forms too. A trick to getting around it was just memorizing the ones that are used the most; H1B1 forms for immigrants looking to work in the U.S. and the forms for foreign celebrities. Making an application for a foreign celebrity was quite interesting because you have to prove they’re famous in some sense. Once I got the hang of those things, work wasn’t too bad or difficult to handle.

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