Finding My Work Identity | #3


A large part of my individual identity is my personality. Here are two words I use to describe myself: determined and organized.


I am determined because I hardly ever take “no” for an answer; My fortitude and enthusiasm for excellence, in addition to my resourceful insight and ability to lead others renders me a frontrunner.  I can be laid-back, but due to my ambition, I employ a persistent mentality with anything and everything in life.  However, as a summer intern, I have felt that I am only able to exercise this trait of mine to an extent.  While my grit shines through when working with my team of interns, I am the novice being led by professionals at Berk Communications.


I am organized because I have a list, a plan, and a place for everything.  While this trait has helped me succeed in my internship thus far, this part of my personality has shown through in a different light.  As an intern, I am not the one keeping lists, planning the day, or deciding where things should be placed; that is my boss’s responsibility.  However, I have taken it upon myself to prove my preparedness to everyone at Berk Communications; I have displayed hard-work amd professionalism by completing tasks with diligence and in a timely manner.

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