Getting into the swing of things | #2

I am now in my 2nd/3rd week at O’Neill and Associates and am really enjoying my work. I know my place around the office, know more names and faces, and am getting comfortable with my tasks and responsibilities.

In an office, in order to be comfortable, I have learned that it is crucial to have a positive work environment, both socially and physically, in order for workers to be successful in their jobs. To me, work culture means a positive working environment where everyone in the office is friendly, willing to get things done, and respectful of one another. It is important that everyone participates in this in order for working relationships to be good and for employees to feel comfortable in their office environment. At O’Neill I am experiencing this first hand, as everyone introduces themselves to me and vice versa, creating a more comfortable working environment for everyone. When it comes to work culture, I feel O’Neill does a good job of making the office feel like an open and welcoming environment. My ideal work culture would be one where open conversation is encouraged.


The physical workplace is also very important in keeping a healthy office environment. Not only does it reflect on the employees, but also the clients and outsiders who come into the office as well. In order to impress clients an office must be clean, professional looking and official for lack of a better word. As O’Neill is a government/public relations firm, it is crucial to keep up appearance. Therefore it is important that your office matches the work style whether its a trendy startup or a serious law firm. O’Neill is a complete 360 from my work style last summer where I was at a beauty/fashion/celebrity PR firm so the difference is extremely evident in every way from the way the office is decorated to the way people dress in the office. The environment at O’Neill would definitely be a place where I could start my career!

All in all, the combination of a solid social and physical work environment is crucial in the success of the company. In my time at O’Neill so far I think they have a great work environment and can’t wait to see what the rest of my summer internship entails.

Pictured at the top of the post is an illustration of O’Neill in Boston!

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  • July 5, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Thanks for sharing the building illustration, Amanda! Glad to hear that there has been a positive match between you and the work environment as well.


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