Having a Voice #3

I have always been more reserved when meeting people for the first time in a new environment, or known to be the girl who takes a while to “come out of her shell.” That personality trait of mine has started to change, however, ever since I have begun my internship this summer at Jonesworks PR firm. Throughout my internship thus far, I have been working along side several co workers and interns in order to create media lists, write pitches and reach out to different outlets on several platforms. In other words, I have been doing tasks that are of utmost interest to me as I am beginning to realize PR is where my true passions lay. Being that I am able to participate in tasks everyday that involve my most favorite topics/hobbies, I have become more well spoken, less reserved, and more confident within myself as an aspiring working woman. I am certain that my internship experience thus far has lead me to let my guard down and understand that sometimes it is okay to make mistakes, or think outside of the box. Only two weeks have gone by and I am already feeling that this experience has changed my personality for the better, made me more confident in my ability to complete certain tasks and lead me to become a more outgoing individual. Since I work with four other interns, we are able to share our ideas with one another and work together to achieve success with every project. Ever since the start of my internship, I am more eager to converse with my new friends in the office and chat about our mutual interests and hobbies. I am finally starting to have a voice… a strong voice; and I like it!


One thought on “Having a Voice #3

  • July 12, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Hey Alexa,

    It’s so awesome that you are finding your voice & growing through your internship! Hope you continue to grow, learn & just soak up everything you can through this internship! Super excited for you.


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