My overall goal at my internship was to get a better sense for how nonprofits function and understand all the different roles in the organization. This definitely still accurately describes my experience. While I am technically a marketing and communications intern, I get all types of tasks thrown at me. This helps me to gain a more holistic understanding of the nonprofit world rather than just the marketing role.  A new goal I have started to reach toward is gaining more personal relationships. A lot of the times I come to work and do my tasks all day and do not speak with anyone. After my informational interview, I came to realize how important it is to develop a relationship with not only my sponsor but with the other great people in this office.


I am doing well at doing the tasks I am given. I often do them way more efficiently than my supervisor expects. This allows her to give me larger more important roles at the organization. An area for personal growth would definitely be improving my communication. I think I need to be more clear about the types of tasks I want to try to be doing and the kinds of things I want to learn how to do that would then benefit my professional development.

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