One Month Later | #2

It has been over a month, and I have gotten to learn a lot about investment banking, more than I would have thought. It is weird how what I have learned so far was never covered in clubs or really described well by older peers. What I am learning is internalized, not something that I could possibly read in a book; it is very human in that way. It has been over a month so you would think that at this point, I would have a lot to say for my time here. Yes, I do. I could talk about the many projects and deals I work on, rather the understanding I realize from it. Sadly, I can’t go into specifics as they are all working projects and I believe those aren’t some of the more enlightening realizations I have come to. I am honestly surprised by how this internship has panned out thus far. I expected long hours, and long hours I got. I didn’t expect how quickly I would pick up on new concepts nor be rethinking what I might want to pursue in the future. I am most surprised by this whole experience. It has not been hierarchical and filled woeful days, thankfully. Going out to lunch with the MD is always a good time. Staying late at the office and talking collegially among ourselves changes the pace and mood of work. And so, I believe that the worst has yet to come, but fingers-crossed that doesn’t come true. Two more months to go.

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