Blog Post 3: 2 months in!

It is crazy to think that I have been living in Greece now for two months. The time has flown by for sure! I still cannot believe this awesome opportunity and all the things I have been able to learn and see during these past few months. There is one month left until I depart for home and we still have so much to do for our research!

Currently, we are conducting a functional response laboratory experiment with aphids on the Podarcis  lizard we study. This component is great for looking at Podarcis as a biocontrol agent. Then, at our field site right now we have planted cucumber plants in our lizard enclosures and exclosures to assess leaf damage by herbivory. This will allow that data to be analyzed to conclude wether or not there is evidence that lizards reduce pest populations that feed upon crops. I have really become attached to this work as I am interested in food systems, and evidence that reptiles can reduce pests will build momentum for diverse farming systems which are great for biodiversity! Getting close to the end of our field season I am anxious to see what our results will say.

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