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I have enjoyed my summer so far working at Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan’s Department of Urology.  During my internship, I will be the Project Coordinator for many of the departments research studies.

One of the studies I am most enjoyed working with is a clinical study facilitating sexual and reproductive health conversation between young women with spina bifida and their healthcare providers. I am incredibly honored to be offered to work with such an intimate part of women’s lives that often gets overlooked in light of their disease. I would love for the opportunity to make a major contribution to the standard of care for young women with spina bifida. More importantly, I am learning how to communicate with, advocate for, and improve the quality of life of my patients. I am eager to learn more about this field from the physicians and sexual therapists I am working with and have been honored to participate in such an innovative aspect of healthcare.

This week, the lead physician of my study took a personal vacation for two weeks and was essentially unreachable. I was terrified that I wouldn’t know what to do without her. I’m used to copying her on all my emails, getting her approval before contacting a list of patients, and scheduling interviews with her guidance. However, I took this opportunity as a challenge and have learned to that I can make my own deadlines for myself, use my co-workers as a resource, and most importantly, be confident in my abilities.


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