Getting Started – #1

(My internship is based in Ann Arbor, so I’ve been enjoying the Michigan summer during lunch every day)

When I was looking for jobs for this summer, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself to do something pretty different from my jobs in the past, but still something related to politics. I was able to find a way to combine my love for politics and empowering my peers in a startup that is working to improve millennial voter turnout. Going into this first week, I was really excited and also nervous because I did not know what to expect. Already in this first week I have learned a ton, and am really enjoying working for a start-up. But, it is very different from any job I have had before. The work is ever changing, and is largely dependent on the needs of the organization, and as a result of that I don’t know what I will be doing next week. What is really exciting about that though is that I am constantly able to make myself useful and help the team move the ball forward.

I am excited about this opportunity to intern this summer for this start-up. A few goals that I have:

  • Learn the logistics of starting up a company
  • Understand how the different actors work in political campaigns
  • Invest my time in an organization that is working toward a better future
  • Work with people that take care of each other, and a team that strives towards its goals together

I see this internship as an opportunity to do good by empowering millennials to use their voice at the ballot box. That is the reason that I applied to work for this company this summer. On my computer last summer, there was a screen saver with a quote from President Obama. It read, “Every day we use all of the tools we have to fight cynicism, unlock the possible, and make life better for the American people and people around the world.” While I still am getting my feet wet with this new job, I know that this job is working toward that goal, and that is something that I am really excited about!

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