Goals for my internship | #1

Even though this is my first blog post, I’ve just finished up the 5th week of my internship which is insane – I can’t believe how quickly the summer is flying by! It’s been such a great experience thus far, and although I didn’t get the chance to explicitly write out my goals in a blog post at the beginning of my internship, I’d like to take the chance to at this moment. I can also reflect on how much progress I’ve made in the last couples of weeks to achieve them. My main objectives for my internship were to:

  • learn more about La-Z-Boy (the company I’m working for)
  • see how the skills from my major might be applied in the real world.

Overall, my goals were pretty broad because I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect of my internship, as this is my first one. So far though, it’s been a fabulous experience that has allowed me to not only develop professionally but also gain a more in depth understanding of the complexity of running a large business. My bosses are all extremely experienced and have so much wisdom to offer; having the opportunity to work with them, and learn from them has had a profound impact on me even in the few weeks I’ve been there.  I’ve been exposed to new ways to approach problems, think about them critically, and analyze them in a way we are not taught to in the classroom. I never thought I’d enjoy my internship as much as I am, and I’m so bummed that it has to end in a few short weeks!


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