Informational Interview 1

I connected with the youngest employee at the company that I’m interning for, and she also works directly with the other interns and myself. She began interning for this company the summer before her senior year, and then was asked to continue her internship through the fall. She accepted, and then was asked again to continue it through the winter. She was hesitant on continuing it because she wanted to gain corporate experience before graduation, but later decided that this company was the best fit for her and continued the internship until she graduated – and that’s when she was offered the full-time position here. Continuing her internship throughout the year led her to the position she has today, and she made me realize that corporate positions aren’t for everybody. I am trying to gain corporate experience before I graduate, but talking to her made me realize that I may end up preferring a small business instead. I have yet to find out what works best for me! I also learned that I should always take up opportunities, because she accepted the internship position for two more semesters and is now starting her career in the same business. I am learning a lot as an intern here too, and she explained that the skills I learn here will help me in my future career.

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