Interns For The Win #1

Its been a few weeks since the start of my internship and I have never felt so welcomed and encouraged to strive for success as I do at T-Mobile. Each and every person I met welcomes me to the team with open arms and is so willing to help. I work with a small team of 7 or so, but we are mighty. The ethics and compliance team handles all issues that are related to work place issues of ethics and integrity as well as various departments following T-Mobiles compliance code. From knowing nothing about C&E, to now knowing a whole lot, I was very surprised to find out just how important having a solid C&E team is. In each and every workplace, there will be issues of integrity, ethics, and compliance so it is VERY important that there a team of dedicated individuals that are able to take charge without being watchdogs. Our team does an amazing job about giving people their freedom while responding to any unethical issues promptly and effectively.

It’s quite funny because technically C&E is a part of the legal team, and the other interns in my department are all law students. At first I found this to be very intimidating, but I realized that unlike the legal interns I would not be doing the same work. People would come up to my desk and ask “what year of law school are you in” and Id just laugh and explain that I was brought on the team for my background in communication and branding.

So far, I am loving it here. I cant wait for the upcoming adventures!!

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